One Specialty

Do you have a lovely home? In a wonderful location? But is it getting too cramped? Need some extra space for your little ones? Each their own room? A flexible area? An impressive master bedroom? Plus, a walk-in wardrobe? And bathroom?
So, how about your roof? There is a free plot on top of your house. And the fun part is, it has already been paid for. What if you’re allowed to add an extra floor to your home? Creating sufficient space for all your dreams?

That is our specialty: roof extensions. We don't do anything else. And we love what we do. Which is making customers happy with a beautiful extra storey, so they won't need to move house. So that your home can remain your home, where everyone can do what they love best: sleeping, playing, laying about, having fun, bathing, relaxing, pursuing hobbies, working some, studying, sleeping in and most of all: enjoying the feeling of home. That is our goal.
Such an extra level added to your home is always custom-made. Because everyone is different, with their own dreams and ideas, their own possibilities and wishes, regarding the extra space, the ideal layout, the best finishes, the proper furnishings and fittings, the practical use, maintenance friendly materials and matters such as light, ventilation, heating, energy, ecology and sustainability. And who knows, perhaps a magical roof terrace, with an outdoor bar, BBQ, deckchairs... or solar panels. Or a green roof. With moss-sedum. With a butterfly bush, an insect hotel and a bat box. It's all possible. Whatever you like.

Realising such a roof extension is an art in itself. Our art. We’d love to take everything out of your hands. Calculations, drawings and permits included. If at all possible, we want to build the entire extension in the factory, and then put it on top of your house in only one day. And we love it when the entire process can be adjusted to your individual wishes in such a way as to make you happy. That’s what makes us happy too. Of course, the decision of what to outsource, what to do yourself or possibly postpone for a short while is entirely up to you. That goes without saying.

If you like this approach, I would love to come by and meet with you. To see if we might be of benefit to each other. To see what you have in mind. And to see if we can make that into reality. On time, made to measure, within budget and without losing a single night's sleep over it. For a roof extension should make you happy and enable you to sleep soundly, instead of keeping you awake at night.

A roof structure for everyone! Project: Vinkeveen


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