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We are unlike anybody else. We do everything different. This is thanks to my own background. I, Syto, finished my first study of Engineering at the HTS and then, in 1984, I went to Nyenrode. There I learnt that one's client, the main raison d'être of one's company, is to be cherished and embraced, and I learned how to do that. This made a huge impression on me. I became marketing assistant for a contractor where I handled project development as well. Then, I worked for five years at a construction management company that acted as delegated client, where I sat ‘on the other side of the table'. Following that, I started my own construction marketing agency, which I still have. We help builders with their strategy, marketing and sales, and we've made some huge steps forward. At the same time, we've noticed how difficult it is to make a product-oriented sector more client-oriented. Culture and structure are very difficult to change, unfortunately.

So, when the opportunity arose, I found I couldn’t resist it and thus I became a builder, 35 years after finishing my construction studies. Roof builder. To practice what I have been preaching for 35 years.

With SYTO Dakopbouwen, I aim at becoming the crowd’s favourite by offering five benefits: Quality, customisation, simplicity, peace of mind and comfort. Below I will explain how:

1. Quality through Expertise

If you don't choose, you are not chosen. The specialist always wins over the generalist, where the specialty is concerned. We are specialised in just one product for one market: roof extensions for you, private customers who are growing out of their own home. This is what we focus on, this is where our expertise lies, this is what we want to work on. The key to specialisation is repetition. A bit bitter, smarter, faster and cheaper every day. This way our price/performance ratio continues to improve, which is what clients want first and foremost: Value for their money.

2. Customisation by Taking Measures

All people are unique. In who they are. In what they do. In what they want, like and abhor, in what is important, irrelevant and valuable to them, and in what they find worthless.

And this certainly applies where the subject is an extension of their own home. Numerous aspects play a part. It is the combination of all those aspects that in the end decides whether this extra storey on top of your house really feels like more home. To arrive at a custom-made product, we are taking extensive measures. We want to know exactly when it is good for you! With respect to space, use, design, with respect to light and air, with respect to finishes and technical systems, you name it. This we will map meticulously, which will allow us to develop the fitting plan that incorporates all of your wishes and requirements. For the one person, this might be a good, strong, watertight but unfinished and unpainted shell. For the other, a sublimely finished little gem. Often, it lies somewhere in between. And this we will figure out exactly, by entering into a sincere conversation with you.

3. Simplicity through One Stop Shopping

Renovating your house by adding a roof extension can be very complicated. You need an architect for the design, a structural engineer for the calculations, an estate agent for the valuation, an intermediary for the financing, a builder for the main structure, installers for the utilities and subcontractors for the bathroom, the plastering, paintwork, roofing etc. And everybody needs information from everybody else. And if you’re not at home in this world…

So, we do it differently. We offer complete solutions, including the calculations, drawings, permit, financing, prefabrication, assembly and finishes. All in one hand. One stop shopping. One contact who takes care of everything for you. There is nothing easier. Wouldn’t this be what you want when building is not your hobby, but a necessary evil to realise the extra space?

It is also much more efficient. We do not work with teams that are put together just for the occasion, a common thing in the building industry. Instead, we work with a fixed team of specialists who work well together and keep getting to know each other better, who understand each other through a single word or glance. And we work on the basis of a clear development and construction concept for the planning, the element assembly, the materials, the details, the measurements, the fitting of the technical installations and much more. And we do not want to have to do this for each and every new job. No, we think long and hard about it and make the outcome into a standard until we know how to improve upon it. And then we come with a new standard. We call it conceptual construction. It is super logical and yet it is not happening very often yet. But we would not want it any different. It is the key to efficient and high-quality production with just one director, your point of contact. Easy peasy.

4. Peace of Mind through Clear Stages

You do not want to lose any sleep over a new roof extension, you just want to dream of it. And enjoy it. And therefore, we've divided the entire process into relatively small and conveniently arranged steps. To make sure you remain in control without having to take any unnecessary risks. So, after each step, we offer you the opportunity to discontinue the whole process or finish it with somebody else. Not because we do not want to continue with you - on the contrary - but because we do not want you to feel obligated to do so. Our challenge is to finish each step in such a perfect way that you WANT to continue with us.

As a matter of course, the first step consists of getting to know each other, finding out if we have something to offer each other, if we are a good match and if we really understand each other. Naturally, this first step is free and does not commit you to anything. If both of us feel good about this, we will be happy to check the zoning plan to see if there are possibilities for a roof extension. This too is free of cost. In these conversations we will also map your dreams, wishes and requirements, to serve as input for the development planning. No customisation without taking measures.

As explained under 'Four Steps’, we then offer two possible next steps:

  • development planning up to and including a definitive building permit and/or
  • a finance check plus valuation and possibly an offer.

We offer both of these steps for a fixed fee and with a clear result.

If you then want to continue working with us, we will draw up an open budget for the realisation of the roof extension. Usually the budget is lower than the previously listed estimates, for nobody wants unpleasant surprises. Next, we can discuss the parts you do or do not want us to carry out, or that you want to change or have taken care of by somebody else. For us, the budget is binding, for you it is free and it costs you nothing. If we reach an agreement, we will draw up a contracting agreement which we will then be happy to carry out for you. With our goal being: very satisfied customers who will then love to be our ambassadors. And with your final goal: sufficient space for all your dreams.

5. Comfort because of One Day Assembly

Many roof extensions are made on site. We never do that. We make the extension in the factory. Prefabrication has many advantages. In the factory, people, machines and materials are protected against the elements. This improves the quality in no small measure. The structure is protected against moisture, there is less opportunity for theft, process control is much easier, all supplies are near at hand, the office is near the construction site which improves coordination, etc. However, for most buyers those are not the primary benefits. Their main benefit is: much less nuisance!

Although builders are the nicest people on the planet, nobody is happy when they come visit for two months in a row and bring their materials, machines, dust, noise and waste to boot. However much they take your situation into account, they are never as quiet as in the factory. That too is one of the reasons why we opted to shift production to the factory as much as possible. And why we make our 2D and 3D elements as large as possible. To be able to assemble and anchor them on top of your roof in one single day! A day to celebrate. Wind and watertight in one single day! Isn't that what everybody wants?


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