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SYTO Dakopbouwen

Do you have a lovely home? In a wonderful location? But is it getting too cramped? Need some extra space for your little ones? Each their own room? A flexible area? An impressive master bedroom? Plus, a walk-in wardrobe? And bathroom?

So, how about your roof? There is a free plot on top of your house. And the fun part is, it has already been paid for. What if you’re allowed to add an extra floor to your home? Creating sufficient space for all your dreams?

That is our specialty: roof extensions. We don't do anything else. And we love what we do. Which is making customers happy with a beautiful extra storey, so they won't need to move house. So that your home can remain your home, where everyone can do what they love best: sleeping, playing, laying about, having fun, bathing, relaxing, pursuing hobbies, working some, studying, sleeping in and most of all: enjoying the feeling of home. That is our goal.

The dreams of Jasper and Katie
The dreams of Daan & Brigitte
Den Haag
The dreams of Alexander & Stephanie
The dreams of Jordy & Cynthia


SYTO Dakopbouwen B.V.
Singelgracht 6 wnsp
1398 XE  Muiden

Tel: +31 (0)294 450 585
Mob: +31 (0)653205762
Mail: syto@sytodakopbouwen.nl

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